The Big Talk and Big Write

Once a week on Fridays, children at St. Maddern's participate in an activity known as the Big Write. The Big Write is an hour-long writing session, with the best pieces of work being uploaded to Lend Me Your Literacy, which maintains a portfolio for St. Maddern's children to showcase their creative writing achievements around the world.

However, in order for the children of St. Maddern's to write truly brilliant pieces of work on Fridays, planning is required, and this is where the Big Talk comes in. On Thursday evenings, pupils will bring home a task which they can work on with parents in the evening to plan, whether it be in a mind-map or a list of ideas. St. Maddern's would like to recommend that parents who want to help their children further with this planning might want to check out the Help for Parents section of this website, which has download links for several useful documents to do with helping their children with literacy questions.

St. Maddern's fervently believes in the importance of co-operative parent-child learning, and we think that the Big Talk and Big Write combined is a invaluable part of this process.