Each child's development is unique and special. That is why we create an individual record for each child in our group through Learning. This is the record kept charting your child's progress in all areas of their development. At St Maddern’s we use an online profile called Tapestry to which you will be invited to join by email. It is a written document carried out from observations of the child and is supported by photographs. (Please note that we can print the learning journey if internet access is not available to you.) We will begin using Tapestry in September 2015 and have heard some great reviews from others who use it. They have found it to be a great success with great positive feedback from parents.

You are welcome to view your child's 'Learning Journey' at any time. Remember to keep us updated about what they are enjoying at home, either verbally or through the Tapestry app.

The learning journey is a great tool which enables you to get an insight into what your child is doing and what they enjoy. A printed version will be given to you to keep when your child leaves - a lovely record of their time at St Maddern’s Pre-School.