Class 1

Miss Dodson

Class 1 Teacher

I thoroughly love teaching at Madron and always put all my effort into teaching, guiding and nurturing the children. My pupils will have a teacher who is going to believe in them and all they can achieve!

Welcome to class 1 at Madron Daniel school.
In class 1 we have reception, year one and year two who learn a variety of subjects in practical and fun ways to install positive, creative, social and confident learners. 
In reception we use continuous provision to explore, creatively and critically think about our learning and actively learn in each lesson. In doing so, we work together and individually to build confident and self-managing learners.
In years one and two we still use active learning to comprehend our learning objectives, whilst also expanding our reading and writing by broadening our vocabulary in speech and writing. We take learning outdoors and on trips, as well as the classroom incorporating practical learning and making to install curiosity for all our learners of all abilities. We take pride in making our learning accessible to all abilities and needs so all pupils get the chance to thrive.
In class one our ethos is to build all children's confidence, encourage having a go and trying our best which will look different for each pupil.  
We book trips for each half term to incorporate real life experiences for the pupils to draw from in their learning. We link our trips to our current subject topics to help the pupils understand their learning at a greater depth. 
We hope you have enjoyed reading a little bit about us! 
Mr Robert Price


Mrs Gabriella Church

1:1 TA

Miss Sarah Hall

1:1 TA