Class 2

Hello! Welcome to Class Two!
My name is Mrs Harry and I teach Class Two. We are supported by Mr Wynter and Miss Adams and Mrs Guy teaches Science and PSHE on a Thursday afternoon.
Class Two is made up of children from Year Three - Year Six (KS2). 
This term, as part of our topic work, we are learning about rainforests! Our topic question is 'Why are rainforests so important?'. 
In English, we focus on a scheme of work created by Jane Considine. There are three zones of writing under ‘The Writing Rainbow’ that we encourage the children to write through: FANTASTIC / GRAMMARISTIC / BOOMTASTIC. We teach sequences of lessons which move between experience days and sentence stacking lessons. Ideas, grammar and techniques of writing are modelled by me and broken into bite-sized chunks. We will be basing our English work on 'Zoo' by Anthony Browne this half term.

In Guided Reading, we are studying 'Charlie And The Chocolate Factory' by Roald Dahl and 'Far From Home' by Berlie Doherty. 
On Mondays, the children take part in Swimming Lessons and on Thursday mornings the children take part in external Rugby Coaching. Mrs Judge teaches Music on a Wednesday morning.

We have so many exciting trips and events planned for this term including The Eden Project!